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Getting to the Honest Truth: Improving Leadership, Communication and Teamwork 

  Mr. Steven Gaffney

Time Allocation - Topics

50% Notice vs. Imagine • Distinguishing fact from opinion, judgment, bias, etc. • Opening lines of communication • Receiving and sharing critical information, ideas, opportunities and feedback • Reducing defensiveness and closed-minded thinking • Correctly evaluating familiar and unfamiliar situations • Disarming employees whose negativity undermines initiatives • Managing expectations • Increasing accountability • Recognizing and resolving troublesome issues before they become gigantic problems 40% Formula for having difficult, honest conversations, including: • Delivering powerful requests • 7 benefits that drive human behavior • Effectively ending conversations 10% Wrap Up • Summary of Findings • Action Plan

Seminar Description

Notice vs. Imagine is an important communication strategy to boost teamwork and collaboration, build remarkable relationships and get things done. One of the top problems in the work world today, based on over a decade of research, is the failure to distinguish what is “noticed” (the facts of the situation) from what is “imagined” (opinions, thoughts, evaluations, conclusions). This may sound simple, and it is, but just think of how often people operate and make decisions as if their opinions are fact rather than exploring the real truth. Have you seen missed opportunities, because someone believes they know what their customer wants rather than checking in and listening to uncover what the customer really wants and needs? Have you ever seen project execution go awry because project goals were based on assumptions rather than facts and data points? The misdiagnosis becomes even more exacerbated when the people, with whom they are interacting, have different agendas, goals, needs and backgrounds. This workshop will demonstrate tools and techniques for improving open, honest communication and provide a forum to practice them.
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