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IMS San Francisco leadership development programs are committed to helping you expand the capacity of your teams and improving the capabilities of your entire organization. IMS Leveraged Learning takes it even further with 30-days of blended-learning access. Call to learn more about our programs and how IMS San Francisco can help your employees learn, grow and thrive.

Transformational Leadership in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World

March 26, 2020 with Dr. Don Gilman
This program is brought to you by Dr. Don Gilman who is globally recognized and sought after expert in critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. In this unique setting, Dr. Gilman will conduct a highly engaging session built around developing participants' decision making abilities, especially in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environments.
Book by Dr. Don Gilman

Dealing with Difficult People: How to Bring out the Best in People at Their Worst

April 22, 2020 with Dr. Rick Kirschner
Dealing with people at their worst is something we all do everyday, but that doesn't make it any easier. In this humorous, informative seminar, Dr. Kirschner shows you how to take the pain out of dealing with problem people by revealing the attitudes and behaviors that will help you solve people problems. This presentation shifts the focus from being reactive to proactive, from struggling with people to building relationships with them, from seeing what's wrong to doing what is right.
Book by Dr. Rick Kirschner
Book by Dr. Rick Kirschner

No Nonsense, No Excuses: How Personal Accountability Promotes Success

May 13, 2020 with Linda Galindo
This interactive program will take you through an effective and immediately useful education that instills personal accountability in the work environment. When the learning is applied and three innovative tools are used, personal accountability will result in your spending less time managing and more time coaching and mentoring. Your journey will begin with an online Accountability Assessment, the results of which you will receive at the session.
Book by Linda Galindo
Book by Linda Galindo

Leading in the Digital Age: Discover, Disrupt and Deliver Results

June 03, 2020 with Dr. Scott Allen
Business and industry are shifting at an exponential rate. Whether it's new business models or the many technologies enabling disruption, we are on the cusp of a massive transformation in all aspects of our lives. This interactive and fast-paced session is designed to help non-tech oriented managers better understand the current landscape of disruptive technologies, identify opportunities in their own organization/industry, and equip them with a plan to ensure relevance in an ever-changing landscape - regardless of industry.
Book by Dr. Scott Allen
Book by Dr. Scott Allen

Develop your Change Intelligence to Lead Critical Initiatives

July 30, 2020 with Dr. Barbara Trautlein
Become a more agile leader by learning tactics to influence-up, collaborate cross-functionally, and motivate direct reports to forge partnerships up, down, and across the organization. From new technologies to increasingly demanding customer expectations to new generations entering the workforce, we are all are bombarded with never-ending change. Are you frustrated that no matter what you try, your change initiatives seem to either fail outright or produce gains that don't last? The reality is that as many as 70% of organizational change efforts fall short of expectations.
Book by Dr. Barbara Trautlein

Critical Thinking: The Art and Science of Effective Problem Solving

August 20, 2020 with Dr. Jackson Nickerson
This workshop provides new insights into how individuals and teams can solve the right problem the first time. The critical challenge is that all too often when tackling problems, individuals and teams suffer from a set of biases and impediments that cause them to focus prematurely on problem solving and "jump to solutions". In contrast, this program focuses on the art of comprehensively formulating problems before solving them. Participants will learn a variety of specific and proven processes to help them and their teams solve the right problem the first time.
Book by Dr. Jackson Nickerson
Book by Dr. Jackson Nickerson

Becoming a Leader:† Strategies and Tools for New and Emerging Leaders

September 10, 2020 with Dr. Jeanne Porter King
This program is based on TransPorter Groupís Becoming a Leader Model. It is designed for to help lay a foundation for emerging leaders to develop fundamental leadership attributes.
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King

Straight Talk: Using Candor and Constructive Confrontation to Improve Results

October 15, 2020 with Dr. Rick Brandon
This practical seminar develops skills for planning, leading, and following up on Candor Conversations about expectations and agreements. We tackle both the smoother, preventive discussions around clear upfront Agreements, as well as the most stressful of work discussions - Constructive Confrontations. We`ll provide antidotes for someone repeatedly breaking an agreement - instead of giving up, blowing up at the person, or burying the issue.
Book by Dr. Rick Brandon

Generating Transformational Ideas that Deliver Breakthrough Innovation

November 05, 2020 with Dr. David Burkus
Why are some people consistently creative and others strikingly unoriginal? In this session, you'll understand the various myths we apply when trying to encourage creativity and replace them with well-researched facts instead. Using insights from the wealth of research on organizational creativity, you'll receive practical implications and realistic strategies for encouraging innovation.
Book by Dr. David Burkus
Book by Dr. David Burkus

Developmental and Performance-based Coaching for Leaders

December 03, 2020 with John Lankford
Your individual development plan may be the single most important document to advance your career. You will depart this workshop with your personal plan and the skills and tools to coach and develop Millennials and other career minded staff members on your team. Participants will learn and experience the connection of effective coaching and feedback to each managers team to be able to improve their ability to execute consistently. In the majority (around 70%) of executive failures, the real problem isn't bad strategy. The real problem is bad execution, according to the Fortune Magazine article titled, "Why CEO's Fail". At its core, execution comes down to setting clear expectations and regular coaching and feedback.
Book by John Lankford
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