Fast-paced overview of key topics that are critical to organizations in a time of disruptive change


These 60-minute IMS live virtual programs provide a quick dive into key topics that are critical to organizations during a time of disruptive change. Packed with actionable learning strategies, participants will experience an interactive virtual program with an IMS thought leader and receive post-session support through microlearning lessons and a discussion board. A recording of the session will be available to paid registrants who are unable to attend on the day of the program.
PLEASE NOTE: All virtual programs are held using the Zoom web application. If you do not have Zoom, or if it is not approved for use in your organization, you can log in using your personal device (tablet or phone). If you would like to test Zoom to be sure it is working on your computer or portable device, you can do so by going to:
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The Best Is Still Ahead: Insights To Discover Future Opportunities

March 16, 2021 with Dr. David Ulrich
The Institute for Management Studies is excited to announce a special virtual event with Dr. David Ulrich who will receive the 2020 IMS lifetime achievement award for his contributions to organizational development and shaping the HR profession. This is the fourth time in its 47 year history that IMS has awarded this prestigious honor. The first was to Dr. Russell Ackoff for his work in strategy and systems thinking; the second went to Dr. Marsha...
Book by Dr. David Ulrich
Book by Dr. David Ulrich

3 Keys to Creating Successful Habits for Work & Life

April 07, 2021 with Dr. Tamsin Astor
There are many approaches to finding success and spectacular productivity in your personal life and business life. These include a variety of different psychological approaches and social-emotional tools, and practical steps to implement. Often there is a focus on either way too many options or a single focus, which negates the complexity of the roles that we humans embody! We often "should" on ourselves or allow others to "should" on us, which ...
Book by Dr. Tamsin Astor

Political Savvy: Mastering the Art of Office Politics

May 05, 2021 with Dr. Sarah Bodner
Most leadership development efforts gloss over, or skip altogether, the uncomfortable realities of corporate leadership... power & politics. Leaving new executives unprepared and unprotected. Executives are put into a role for a reason, to accomplish something. And they have the skill, drive, and ego to get it done. But their unwillingness or inability to play politics often results in finding themselves the victim of politics, driving many good ...

Leading A Customer-Centric Operation

June 02, 2021 with Dr. Chip Bell
Recall the absolutely best customer service experience of your entire life. Whether it was service from a small business or the unit down the hall, what were the features of this profoundly remarkable memory? Today's customers do not talk (remark) or tweet about good service; only experiences they find unique, special, and ingenious. Research shows value-added (taking what customers expect and adding more) will not provide a solid ROI. But, v...
Book by Dr. Chip Bell
Book by Dr. Chip Bell

The Art & Science of Giving & Receiving Feedback

July 01, 2021 with Jodi Glickman
Feedback is a gift - but it's often dreaded, botched or mishandled entirely. Have you ever been put on the spot- asked for feedback from a teammate in the moment, when all you could think of to say was "good job!" Or maybe you're on the receiving end-how do you break through the dreaded (and not at all helpful) "you're doing great!" to get meaningful, actionable and constructive feedback? Learn how to give anyone feedback on anything, create a cu...
Book by Jodi Glickman
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